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No loan balances under $8,000 and must be out of school

Since going into effect in 2010, you can consolidate your own student loans at no charge at the U.S. Department of Education or use the services of The National Docu Center (NDC) to help you take advantage of federal student loan money saving repayment and forgiveness programs which can save you thousands of dollars each year if you qualify. Our proven 3-step Student Debt Reduction Process makes the road to savings simple:

Step 1. Free Consultation to Understand Your Unique Financial Situation.
The expert staff members will take the time to discuss your options based on your unique situation, such as the type of loans you have, your current income, family size and debt amount. Everyone has a unique financial situation which can impact not only the payment amounts, but the type of programs you qualify for.

Step 2. Identify The Best Program That Fits Your Situation to Maximize Your Savings.
Most individual can qualify for any number of these programs designed to lower student debt through the Department of Education. We gather all necessary information from you and enter it into our backend system in order to determine the best programs you qualify for. It’s important to choose the right program, based on your current financial situation and future plans. Our expert staff explain each qualifying program’s pros and cons in order to help you make the best decision in which program is suited for you.

Step 3. The Application Process.
When you choose NSDA to help with you student debt services, our network of experts will handle the application process from start to finish. Our partners will determine and prepare all documentation needed to qualify you for the program chosen. The documentation is then mailed back to you to approve and sign. Once we receive all signed documentation, we review and submit them to the appropriate program on your behalf. Programs and Options may include:

  • Student Loan Consolidation
  • Student Loan Refinance
  • Student Loan Cancelation/Forgiveness
  • Student Loan Rehabilitation
  • Flexible Repayment Plans

You can consolidate your own student loans at no charge at Federal Student Aid,
 or see if you qualify for a Student Debt Forgiveness Plan now,
call (800) 990-9146 now, or:

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National Docu Center LLC BBB Business Review

NOTE: You can consolidate your own student loans at no charge at Federal Student Aid. National Docu Center (NDC) educates the general public and does not negotiate, adjust or settle debts. All phone numbers listed connect to a 3rd party private company offering fee-based services to assist with document preparation for federal student loan income-driven repayment and other programs. NDC is not a non-profit organization and not affiliated with any government program, the Department of Education, Sallie Mae, or any other loan servicing agency. By applying through NDC does not guarantee any outcome and results vary. By calling our number, you consent to be contacted by National Docu Center or it's affiliates by phone, email or text/SMS at the number(s) listed above even if your number provided on the form above is on a National or State Do Not Call List. Your consent does not require you to purchase any services. The information and statements contained on this Website are intended as general educational information and expressly not intended and regarded as legal or financial advice.
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