Welcome to the official National Docu Center (NDC) Website. We’ve helped thousands of clients to get out of and stay out of default by enrolling into life-changing Income-based Forgiveness Plans that have reduced their student loan payments, with many into a $0/mo payment.  


MyStudentLoanPlan provides:
  • Mandatory Annual Re-certification submission assistance
  • PSLF application submission assistance
  • Identity Theft Monitoring Services
  • Premium phone support
  • IDR Plan changes
  • Income/Family Size recalculations
  • Student Loan Verification Letters
  • General Forbearance form submissions

The Benefits:

Guaranteed to be in the best
Income-based Forgiveness Plan
Get the lowest (or no) student loan payment
Get your loans forgiven at the end
Peace of mind knowing its done right!

Why You Need to Re-certify Your Loans

Life happens, and events such as new babies born, grown kids moving out, weddings and divorces, pay raises and unemployment impacts your student loan payment since your student loan payment is based on your family size and income and not your loan balance. Because of these potential changing life events, the Department of Education needs to review your family size and income every year and adjust your monthly discounted student loan payment accordingly.

Failure to re-certify your loans will get you kicked out of the program and result in a large student loan payment. Not paying your Federal student loans will result tax return intercept and 15% paycheck garnishment by the IRS.  

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National Docu Center LLC BBB Business Review

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